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a cup of coffee

7 Monkey Fury!!! Chocolate Bar Combo


Coffee and Chocolate! 

Our 7 Monkey Fury!!! Combo includes our most popular bend with one of our 7 Monkey Chocolate bars for only $4.00 more.

Seven Monkey Fury is a blend of coffee beans from seven different regions across the globe featuring notes of peach, apricot, chocolate and nuts. This famous blend will assault your sleepy brain with a smooth, full body, mild acidity, and all the FURY of 7 ANGRY MONKEYS!

Our 7 Monkey Chocolate bars are a blend of our famous 7MF coffee roasted in house and Kyya Chocolate's Madagascar chocolate.

ingredients: cacao, coco butter, sugar, Madagascar vanilla, Seven Monkey Fury Coffee blend, and sea salt.
**may contain traces of nuts

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