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Hello folks!

Precarious times we find ourselves in, am I right?!?

I wanted to make sure you all know how serious we are taking this COVID-19 outbreak.
Being a good human is a core New Moon value.
We will 100% do our part to flatten the curve of this outbreak.
Christine & the entire Moon crew

--All staff and especially food preparers are thoroughly washing hands, keeping arms clean, following cleaning procedures with >20 seconds rinsed under warm water.
--We have reviewed and re-reviewed all cleaning and sanitation practices, swapping out all surface cleaners with EPA registered disinfectant products.
--Cooking, preparation and all surfaces are kept sanitary throughout each shift & we've added checklists to be 100% sure.
--We are working with the best food suppliers in the country, who are proactively following CDC guidelines and aligning themselves with current best practices.
--We have expanded access to paid sick leave to our entire cafe & roasting staff.
--Delivery options are now available at both Aiken & Augusta cafes if you just don't feel like going out.