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Soups of the Week

Downtown Aiken
Daily: Crab Bisque///OG Chicken Noodle////Chicken & Grits

Monday-Creamy Cauliflower w/ Coconut and Pomegranate (vegan)

Tuesday- Midnight Chicken

Wednesday- Tomato Cheeseball

Thursday-Corn Chowder

Friday-Tuscan Sausage

Saturday-Loaded Baked Potato

Sunday-Chef's Choice!

Downtown Augusta

Daily: Creamy Zucchini w/ Bacon & Feta

OG Chicken Noodle///Chicken & Grits

Monday-Lasagne Soup w/ Locally Sourced Beef

Tuesday- Creamy White Bean w/ Rosemary, Kale and Lemon (vegan)

Wednesday- Red Lentils in Spicy Coconut Broth (vegan)

Thursday-Black Bean w/ Fritos (vegan)

Friday-Crab Bisque

Saturday & Sunday-Chef's Choice!